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Investment Strategy – Renting out Your Property

Posted by Arthur on January 16, 2019
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When investing in Real Estate, rental properties have shown to be an advantage in today’s investment opportunities. Direct income stream and Property Value Growth significantly contribute to why you should rent out your property. Here is each method dissected to further explain this Investment Strategy.

Direct Income Stream

Renting out your Property for long term leases guarantee a future financial plan that allows a continuous flow of money into your pocket. Rental income is also a great addition to commissions of sales if you’re a real estate agent. It’s important to invest in a property in which you can rent it out for a positive cash flow. Lastly, if providing utilities for your tenant, don’t forget to constantly check on the Utilities and Maintenance Services. Lower Expenses with simple tips such as led light bulbs, low flow toilets + shower heads, provide professional gardening service, all of these tips will add on to your Direct Income from renting out your property.

Property Value Growth

With the Market Value increasing at 6.4%, 1-yr forecast, and real estate’s nickname is “the hedge against inflation”, renting out your home is a beneficiary investment. What comes with a increasing Market Value is Real Estate Appreciation, value of investment increases over time, an effortless method of putting more money in your pocket. With the steady economic growth seen in 2018, it’s also profitable to raise rent upon lease Renewal (every additional dollar is profit). Make sure to alert tenants ahead of time if the rent will be raised. Nuisance increase is not irregular, and it comes with an increasing Market Value on your property. The economy changes all the time, but with an increasing Market Value on homes in 2019, now is the perfect time to invest in properties to rent out. Below is reflecting data of the information above.

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